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A course for working professionals and entrepreneurs to navigate life/ work/ relationships without anxious hustle and emotional overwhelm.

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Hey high achiever/ entrepreneur, I know something about you... 👀


➡️ You work hard. Like, real hard. You have big ambitious goals.

  • At the same time, you also know that life is a lot more than just external success.
  • Because what you truly crave is to be able to feel fulfilled, at peace, and be able to put your head on the pillow at the end of the day knowing that you did enough and you’ve made a difference in your life today.

😖 Yet right now, you get anxious, stressed, and worried often about your own timeline, money, not having enough, and you wonder if you can actually continue like this (And you know that this anxious/ stressful pattern is honestly not sustainable…)


➡️ You are very smart, self-sufficient, and talented.

  • You get praises and comments from your peers, clients, and audience about how amazing you are and how much you’ve helped them with your work

😕 Even though you hear their words and see the impact you’re making, somehow you still don’t truly believe them deep down (There’s a part of you that doesn’t feel legit/ successful/ good enough and you secretly think you’re not as good as how others describe you to be...)


➡️ Honestly, what you really want is to just be able to believe in yourself more.

  • You want to stop doubting yourself so much, letting your fears/ mind drama get in the way, and you just want to stop the hustle and the never-ending chase of thing after thing

😳 You really just want to feel proud of your accomplishments, have fun and be present with the loved ones around you, and enjoy the journey of building your life and business so much more.


Here’s the thing…

🔹You know that you have socialised beliefs, ways of thinking, feeling, and behavioural patterns that’s keeping you small and limited.

🔹And deep down, you know that you're meant to truly live an extraordinary life, with a much better quality of living... and you're just looking for the right tools and process right now to unlock that for you to make it happen.

🔹You want to be someone who leads by example

...and finally see yourself breakthrough into the next level to take bolder actions to have, create, and achieve so much MORE in your life.

Let's Do This
"By working with Shirley, I have had the chance to LIVE the answers, to practice them, and to change my energy. I now have compassion for the very human part of my brain that believes it can keep me safe by repeating the same thoughts and routines.
In a few months of working with Shirley, I have experienced a shift in awareness that has led me to make BIG decisions and move toward the vision I have of myself as an author."

— Stacey L. from Springfield, US

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Hey I'm Shirley, certified life and success coach.

Since 2019, I've had thousands of hours coaching high-achievers/ entrepreneurs 1-1, getting coached myself, and helping people move through countless milestones in their lives, relationships, and career/ businesses.

I've really seen repeated common threads, patterns, & key concepts that tend to hold high-achievers back and limit their growth.

Here's what I really want you to know...

➡️It's not you, its your brain.

➡️It's not you, it's your socialized conditioning,  beliefs, and ways of being due to what you're familiar with from the past.

➡️ It's not you, it's about learning, practicing, and integrating the tools that actually work.

I’ve condensed and organized all of my knowledge/ experience/ wisdom into this 6 weeks crash course.

💫 Take the Leap contains real-life tried and true coaching principles to help you:

🔹walk yourself through difficult moments

🔹be able to process emotions/ overwhelming situations

🔹know exactly how to navigate limiting beliefs/ patterns

🔹continuously take bold actions to achieve big goals in your life/ business

🔹 all while doing it with so much love, grace, and courage

I'm In!
Life coaching has showed me that truly the only limits that exist are ones that I think are there. When I change my thoughts, I change what is possible. Honestly, I never realized how much power I have to change my thoughts or my reality.
Shir is truly a coach. She walks with me, challenges me, and never ever judges me on my journey. She simply helps me to see the possibilities ahead and pushes me to go after what I want. "

— Jane B. from Minneapolis, US

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Inside the course...


🧠LESSON 1: Your internal world

  • deep dive into your inner world of your mind, thought patterns, emotions, actions, and help you move forward in your life/ business from the inside out
  • I'll teach you an important coaching tool that you can use to bring self-awareness to your own thoughts/ emotions/ situations and self-coach yourself on a regular basis


⚓LESSON 2: Anchor that grounds you

  • You'll learn how you've been outsourcing your internal/ emotional safety and I'll show you how to truly create self-safety and self-reliance within yourself, no matter the external circumstances in your way


🙏 LESSON 3: Personal power

  • Taking back ownership of your emotions and knowing how to truly process them (such as fear, worry, anxiety, stress) as they arise
  • Know how to find your own power in the crappy low moments, and still feel in control of yourself and your life


😵 LESSON 4: Comparison & Scarcity

  • Build key shifts that'll help you move from “not enough” into sufficiency and abundance
  • I'll show you what to do, how to think, ways of being when you’re stuck in comparison mode and feeling behind in your timeline


📈 LESSON 5: Planning for what's ahead

  • I'll teach you a different way of creating a game plan and a compelling vision for your goals that you can hold on to and continuously work towards season after season


🔮LESSON 6: Cultivating faith

  • Learn the art of faith, how to actually believe in yourself and your goals, and how to trust deeper in the inevitability of your success in your life, relationships, and career/ business
Alright, I'm In!
"I always thought that overcoming my constant anxiety would take me years but after working with you my life is so different! I actually can feel at peace and enjoy life as it comes instead of constantly being in fear.
Even when I do have hard days now I know how to cope with it instead of spiraling like I used to. I’m proud of myself for making this big leap into life coaching.
It was scary at first but I knew that I wanted to level up so that I can be ready to take on whatever comes my way. I think life coaching is like the fast pass in life! "

 — Brittany T. from Houston, US

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Imagine moving through life where you can...

🔹Not feel consumed by emotions, and instead know how to work with them, process them, and not let these feelings lead to self-sabotage behaviors

🔹Achieve better outcomes in your life and business with less anxious hustle, and instead by taking actions coming from the right emotions and energy

 🔹Get out of survival fight-flight-freeze-fawn reactive response, and instead know how to soothe your nervous system to create calm, peace of mind, and move through situations in a sustainable way

 🔹 Know how to be more present and create more clarity and focus in your mind, instead of worrying, stressing out, and overthinking in your head 

 🔹Achieve biz/ life milestones without burning out, and actually enjoy the process, love your life, and be here with yourself because you now know how to manage your brain and emotions

 🔹Make better, powerful decisions because you have so much more belief in yourself, your goals, and your future

 🔹Get out of confusion and uncertainty and actually build momentum and see progress

🔹 have more time and energy to spend with your friends, family, and loved ones.. and actually have be present instead of living in your head when you're with them

 🔹Live with less stress and worry, and instead love your life and enjoy everyday so much more, right now

Heck yes! I'm ready for all of this!

What's included...

  • 6 x lesson modules
  • 6 x lesson playbooks with notes, worksheets, and step-by-step exercises for you to practice and reflect after each lesson
  • 3 x Q&A live coaching session replays (super helpful to see how you can put these concepts into real-life practice)
  • lifetime excess to course materials and future updates
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Get ready to enter a new standard of living for yourself... one where you're achieving big goals without the anxious hustle and emotional overwhelm.


This is your next evolution.

This course will show you how.


I'm ready for my next level
"Shir has a very wise soul when you are speaking with her she has a nurturing spirit that is non judgmental,  you feel safe opening up to her. I was surprised being older that she would be able to relate or to have the experience to deal with “my issues” but this girl is like I said wiser beyond her years. I feel like she’s been doing this forever. I can’t stop saying enough nice things about her."

 — Diane T. from San Diego, US

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"I am sooo grateful for our past two sessions. I genuinely enjoy my day more, I feel so much more at ease, I actually have more space and feel grateful for my environment/ circumstances. Nothing had changed externally and that blows my mind. Thank you for teaching me. I can't wait to see where I will be when this is how I feel just 4 sessions in."

—   Jenny R. from Los Angeles, CA

I'm Ready

"I have learned that everybody needs a coach. I have had over 30 years of business development and management experience but have benefitted from working with Shirley. I have become more focused, and am better prepared to face the inevitable distractions and roadblocks that we run into everyday. Her character allows me to open up about things I have shared with few others. She is sympathetic but holds me accountable. She’s focused but adaptable. I’m happy she’s my coach."

— D.S. from Vancouver, CA

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